On Saturday 17th of July Nordic Match celebrated its fourth-year anniversary with a summer party in Shanghai, joined by the Sino-Nordic community including CEOs from leading corporates, partners and investors.

The theme of the event was summer green, highlighting the vast opportunities seen in the market accelerated by the carbon neutral 2060 targets set by China.

Tony Wang, Partner at Nordic Match said:

“As the Chinese market has become more competitive over the years, the Nordic corporates we speak to today have to became even more fast-moving and disruptive, in order to adapt to the future demand. China is set to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, while achieving carbon peak by 2030, at the same time Nordic countries will be the first countries globally to achieve the carbon goal, our companies will have the technologies and know-how to help China to faster reach carbon neutrality. Whether its bioenergy solutions, carbon capture, remote automation, there will be a new era of opportunities for Nordic companies.

Nordic Match is committed to our mission to make Sino-Nordic transactions possible and our dedication will make a difference in the long-term journey accelerating strategic growth between the two regions.”

About Nordic Match

Nordic Match is a boutique M&A and Strategy Advisor headquartered in Shanghai, China. Dedicated to Sino-Nordic transactions, we have a clear vision – to support aspiring corporates and investors in search for value-creating opportunities between Nordics and China.

More about Nordic Match: www.nordic-match.com