Nordic Match Annabelle Bao has been appointed to the Main Board of Directors of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China.

Annabelle has a background in Finance and Strategic Consulting. She joined Nordic Match in 2017, and has since been promoted to Vice President, proactively facilitating business cooperation and cross-border transactions between China and the Nordic countries. Annabelle holds a MSc degree from Stockholm School of Economics and has international experience from Europe, where she has lived and worked.

Annabelle said:

My previous studying and working experiences in Sweden provide me with unique and valuable cross-cultural understanding between Sweden and China. Currently, I work closely with Swedish SMEs that want to seize the business opportunities in China.

Annabelle summed:

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is an important platform that inspires the Swedish business community by connecting people and companies. It is an honor to become part of the Chamber. I look forward to contribute as a Board Member, not only by sharing my knowledge and experiences but also helping increase the Chamber’s influence among SMEs and entrepreneurs.

About Nordic Match

Nordic Match is a boutique M&A and Strategy Advisor headquartered in Shanghai, China. Dedicated to Sino-Nordic transactions, we have a clear vision – to support aspiring corporates and investors in search for value-creating opportunities between Nordics and China.

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