Nordic Match has reached its second anniversary and further solidified its position in the market. To celebrate the achievement, Nordic Match hosted a summer party on Saturday in Shanghai. Friends and partners from leading investment banks, family offices, listed corporates and Nordic consulates joined the celebration.

The past year has seen a strong momentum for Sino-Nordic transactions in general. This has been experienced through a growing diversity of companies from life sciences, technology, industrial and consumer industries reaching out to Nordic Match for cross-border M&A services.

Tony Wang, Partner of Nordic Match, said:

Despite the ongoing trade war and lower M&A activities globally, Nordics and China continue to have exceptional high investment activities. The second year also marks an important milestone for Nordic Match, where we further strengthened our position in Sweden and expanding our focus on Finland. Nordic Match´s values are based on building long term relationships and value-creating opportunities. In a shifting environment as we can see today, it has never been more important to support our clients and partners in this journey.

About Nordic Match
Nordic Match is a boutique M&A and Strategy Advisor headquartered in Shanghai, China. Dedicated to Sino-Nordic transactions, we have a clear vision – to support aspiring corporates and investors in search for value-creating opportunities between Nordics and China.

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