Nordic Match´s Tony Wang has the pleasure to host Thor Stadil, the founder of Thornico Group, at the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai today, to share his remarkable entrepreneurial journey and continued pursuit of success in the dynamic Chinese market. Ovodan Foods, a Thornico company, is the first foreign-funded company to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange in 2023.

From the early days when Thor was a lawyer at the leading Danish law firm to become a successful entrepreneur owning a conglomerate with over 130 companies, across food, packaging, fashion and real estate, Thor described his life choices, how to build a sustainable business in China and what makes him excited about work at age 79.

Tony Wang, Partner at Nordic Match said:

Thor is often quoted as the Warren Buffett of Denmark, and for me it comes clear that Thor is an extraordinary person with strong work ethic, determination and puts a huge trust on people – this has led to Ovodan China to become the first foreign-owned company to list in China in mere 20 years’ time. You can tell that Thor is hugely interested in other cultures and believes that in order for Ovodan to be successful in a country in the long-run, you always need to bring something on the table and to stay relevant, which is spot on dilemma for many multinationals operating in China today.

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